Finding Your Purpose Through Coaching

Frustration, confusion, apathy…these are all emotions that plague a life without purpose.  Without purpose, our life turns into the mundane, the ordinary, and provides no significance or meaning.  But discovering our purpose often alludes us.  Sometimes we need assistance and coaching can be just the answer.

The Journey of Finding Life Purpose

Some argue chance accounts for all existence.  We are all accidents.  But chance is a mathematical construct and has no creative power.  Moreover, if we are created by chance, then, fundamentally, none of our lives have any meaning or significance.  We are just specks of dust on an arbitrary cosmic train.  But science nor history support this claim.

If there is a point to our existence, it behooves us to discover what that is.  Lest we approach the end of our lives and realize we’ve wasted it.

I’ve been working in medicine for over twenty years and have been with many patients and families at the end of life.  Whenever there is a problem or difficulty with decision-making, whether it be with the family or the patient itself, the driving force behind the problem almost always has to do with guilt.

The family cannot let go of their loved one because guilt consumes them.  They want more time to repent for something they said or did or neglected to say or do.  Sometimes it’s the patient’s guilt.  They realize they’re at the end of their life, they reflect and conclude they’ve wasted a majority of it.  In both cases, regret consumes them.  Nowhere is this feeling of regret better portrayed than in the movie, Schindler’s List.

The Driving Force to Discover Why We Are Here

In the movie, Oskar Schindler, a German businessman, risks his livelihood to save the lives of Jews from the hands of Nazis during World War II by employing them in his factories.  At the conclusion of the war, Schindler leaves his factory and his met by all of the factory workers.  The workers present Schindler with two gifts:  a gold ring and a letter explaining their gratitude signed by 1200 Jewish workers who would have lost their lives had it not been for Schindler’s intervention.

After a brief moment of gratitude, Schindler recoils and withdraws from the group.  He considers if he could have done more.  Under great emotion, Schindler wonders how many more lives he could have saved.  He says, “I could’ve got more out…I could’ve got more…If I’d made more money…I didn’t do enough…This car…ten people, right there, ten more I could’ve got…This pin…two people…two more people…at least one.”  Regret overcame Oskar Schindler.

Schindler was not alone.  A quick search on Google about books with the theme purpose yields over 552 million hits.  Rick Warren’s famous book, Purpose Driven Life, sold over 30 million copies.  And this has been going on for centuries.

During the mid-17th Century, the Reformed church wrote the Westminster Confession to galvanize the English and Scottish Churches.  Out of this came the Larger and Shorter Westminster Catechism which was written in question and answer form.  The first question posed was the most popular question, and probably the most important question posed to the church:  What is the chief end of man?  In other words, why are we here?

People from all walks of life yearn for purpose because purpose provides meaning and significance.  Moreover, knowing our gifts and abilities makes our purpose more impactful.  If we lived our lives on purpose for a purpose then our stress level would decrease, our energy would be more focused, and we would be much more effective at what we do because we would not waste our time and resources on things not beneficial to that purpose.

We all have regrets, and we all make mistakes.  Knowing our purpose and understanding our gifts won’t eliminate these things, but it can mitigate the stress and discontentment of not knowing our purpose.

The Steps Toward Finding Purpose Begin with Coaching

Coaching can help this process of discovery.  Don’t come to the end of your life and realize you’ve wasted it.  Let coaching help you discover your gifts and purpose, act on them, and commit to living it out.  If you do, that frustration in your life can turn to pleasure, your confusion can turn to peace of mind, and that feeling of apathy can turn into a passion.  You will be more effective, productive, and live a much less stressful life – to the benefit of yourself and everyone else.

To discover how coaching can help you see your life’s purpose, learn how coaching works at

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