Jim Damron

Author | Speaker | Listener

Jim Damron

Author / Speaker / Listener

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Transforming Burnout

We are looking at Burnout wrong.  

Have you experienced the symptoms – the lethargy, the agitation, and the dread of going to work? Has the passion for your job waned? Have you questioned your career choice? You could be burned out…or are you?

Learn why Burnout is not the problem and how you can increase patient outcomes, be more effective, and obtain a better quality of life for yourself.

Professional Listening

It’s Less about Who YOu Are. It’s more about who you are becoming.

There’s a reason why Hollywood stars, elite executives, and other high performers seek the services of life coaches.  A good coach helps you get from where you are to where you want to be.


Created for you to Go Deeper

Learn more about Burnout, Medical Ethics, and Pulmonary Medicine on your own time.  These self-paced, online courses also offer continuing education for RN’s and RT’s.

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