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Jim brings a wealth of experience to you in your next learning experience.  With over 20 years in the medical field working as a clinician in the area of pulmonary medicine, Jim knows what it is like to “be in the trenches.”  And with almost 25 years of teaching experience, Jim understands how to convey the information so that it “sinks in.”

Educational Background

Jim lives by the motto:  Always Learning.  Always Growing.  He continually tries to better himself for the benefit of others.  He is no stranger to academics as he holds multiple degrees in various fields.

Jim began his academic career earning undergraduate degrees in Biology and Spanish at Queens University.  He went on to obtain a professional instructor license in Scuba Diving where he learned as much about teaching as he did diving.  He later went on to earn a Master’s Degree in Intercultural Studies at Columbia International University then furthered his academic resume by earning a Masters of Divinity from Southern Evangelical Seminary.  Most recently, Jim earned another Masters Degree in the field of Bioethics and Health Policy at Loyola University – Chicago fulfilling a passion in the area of medical ethics.

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Custom Designed Pulmonary!

Jim believes Better Care Begins with Better Care-Givers.  Jim’s workshops are Custom Designed to meet your needs so that you become better care-givers.  Half-day, full-day, and even stand-alone workshops are available.

Suggested Pulmonary Bundle

Jim teaches on a myriad of topics in pulmonary medicine.  Choose from the following or even create your own:

  • Basics of Lung Function:  How the Lungs Work
  • Lung Diseases:  Why The Lungs Do Not Work
  • Lung Supplementation-Basic:  How We Get In What Is Not There
  • Lung Supplementation-Advanced:  Airways and Mechanical Ventilation
  • Burnout – When We Are Tired of Caring
  • Trust Builders – Learning How To Listen To Our Patients 


Custom Designed Medical Ethics!

Suggested Ethics Bundle

  • Finding Our Moral Compass – Basics of Medical Ethics
  • Is Today A Good Day To Die? – Understanding Brain Death
  • Miracles, Magic, and Medicine – Is There a Limit To Patient’s Demands?
  • DNR Under The Stethoscope – Hearing The Need For a Different Approach
  • Burnout – When We Are Tired of Caring
  • Trust Builders – Learning How To Listen To Our Patients