An Unfulfilled Life is an Unhappy Life

Being successful and happy are tricky things to grasp.  Sometimes we seem successful to others because we have all the basics crossed off our list:  a steady job, a family, and a faith community.  Yet many of us still feel something is missing.  Here are three stories of people who continue to search for meaningful change in their lives and how coaching can be the catalyst for effective change.

Complacent Chris

Chris checked all the boxes he thought his faith required.  He attended church…check.  He donated to charity…check.  He prayed semi-regularly…half check.  Chris believed this would lead to a fulfilled spiritual life.  Chris was wrong.  He felt empty.  One day a co-worker approached Chris and asked him a question, “What faith do you follow?”

Chris answered, “I was raised Catholic, but now I am a Protestant.”

“Why?” the co-worker asked as a follow-up.  Chris hesitated.  He didn’t have a right or even a good answer to the question.

“Why do I believe what I believe?” Chris asked himself.  The simplicity of the question masked the layers of complexity underneath.  The reality was Chris attended church because he liked the music and the sermons.  But if he couldn’t articulate why he believed what he believed then how superficial was his faith?  Chris knew life had to be more than he was experiencing now.  He realized that if what he believed was true, then he had to learn more.  He had to grow deeper, but he didn’t know how.  Chris needed support.

Smokin’ Stacy

Stacy had worked as a registered nurse for over two years.  She started her career working in rehab then transitioned to a bedside nurse in the oncology wing of the local hospital.  She loved caring for cancer patients but wasn’t prepared to handle the continual loss of life that came with the territory. 

The acuity of Stacy’s patients increased while the number of resources she needed decreased.  Her boss micromanaged.  Members of her team called-out incessantly.  And new policy forced her to cover one-weekend night shift per month.  Stacy’s energy deteriorated.  She spent less time with friends, and she became depressed.  She questioned her career choice and started looking for an alternative.  Stacy was unsatisfied with work and life.  Stacy was burned out!

Stacy felt stuck.  She needed help recovering from her burnout and wondered whether she could prevent it from ever happening again.  Stacy needed guidance.

Jonesin’ John

John reached middle age.  He worked as a successful IT engineer for a large firm.  He enjoyed great benefits and a lucrative salary.  John worked long hours to provide for his wife and two teenage girls.  Although he enjoyed his work, John needed a change.  

John’s dream was to own his own cybersecurity business.  He attended conferences and talked with others about the idea, but he never acted on it.  It was always something he would do “someday.”  John had an obligation to his family.  Running a business demanded long hours, commitment, and time, none of which John had in abundance.  He wondered whether he should pursue his dream or push it off for another day.  And would another day arrive?  John didn’t know where to look for answers.  He didn’t want to live with the regret of never trying, but he had a responsibility to his family.  John needed assistance.

The Antidote – Coaching

Stacy, Chris, and John were healthy individuals who needed help getting from where they were to where they wanted to be.  There were no clear answers, just options.  They needed support, guidance, and assistance.  They needed help finding their purpose, growing more rooted in their faith, and managing burnout.  They all needed coaching.

Do you resonate with Stacy, Chris, or John?  Do you find yourself in a rut and want something more out of life?  Don’t be complacent.  Get growing, get fulfilled, get coaching.  Coaching is a relationship where coach and client work together to bring about change.  It’s also a fast-track way to a fulfilled life.  If you would like to explore to see if working with a coach is right for you, then click here to schedule a free exploratory call.

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