Jim Damron, Keynote Speaker

Smoke Screening: Unlocking Burnout


People are burning out at alarming rates, and there are no shortages of remedies.  With his three-step process, Jim will help you simplify burnout by unlocking the cause, focusing the treatment, and showing you one fundamental way to protect yourself from burning out again.




Benefit:  Increase Productivity, Improve Patient Outcomes, Enhance Well-Being 


Smoke Screening: Further Up and Further In

People burnout in their spiritual lives as well.  This presentation is a faith-based adapted version of his signature presentation on burnout.


Benefit:  Faith-Based presentation that provides Greater Meaning and Purpose 

Jim Damron, Speaker and Author


Bedside Medical Ethics

Not your typical theory-driven workshop, this presentation will help the caregiver make the right decisions when treating patients.  Analyze real cases and apply life-impacting tools to improve the health of your patients and yourself.

Breathe Easy: Pulmonary Proficiency

From the basics of the respiratory system to advanced modes of mechanical ventilation, this workshop provides it all in an enjoyable, interactive way.  Come away with a solid foundation in Pulmonary Physiology and have fun doing it. 

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