Jim Damron, Keynote Speaker

Smoke Screening: From Burnout to Breakthrough

Have you experienced the symptoms – the lethargy, the agitation, and the dread of going to work? Has the passion for your job waned? Have you questioned your career choice? You could be burned out…or are you? 

There is a different way of looking at burnout.  Follow along on a personal journey of transformation where we will unmask burnout to discover the real problem underneath.


Benefit:  Increase Productivity and Improve Patient Outcomes 

Communication Resuscitation: Reviving a Lost Skill

Everybody knows it’s important but few are good at it.  Poor communication causes trust to collapse, revenues to decrease, and relationships to suffer.  In this keynote, Jim will help participants obtain R.O.S.C. Return of Spontaneous Communication by learning one vital ingredient to resuscitating your communication skills. 


Benefit:  Rebuild Trust and Improve Quality of Life 

Jim Damron, Speaker and Author
Jim Damron, Keynote Speaker

Smoke Screening: From Burnout To Blessing

 Great for Faith-Based Organizations

 What is the plan for my life and how do I discover it?  Many of us have struggled with this question and reached a point where we have become complacent, ineffective, and even spiritually burned out because we cannot find the answer.  Rest assured, there is hope.  In this keynote, learn what it takes to fulfill your passion, discover your purpose, and turn your burnout into blessing by growing into the person you were created to be. 

Benefit:  Solidify Personal Meaning and Purpose for Greater Impact and Effectiveness


Crafting Compassion

When you exhibit more compassion you increase productivity, personal well-being, improve patient outcomes, and save your organization money.  In this fun and engaging workshop, learn how to foster compassion and build empathy through the crafting of stories.

Building Trust

Do you want to be a better caregiver, boss, employee, and even spouse?  Learn how to quickly build trust with others through the art of listening in this eye-opening workshop.  A must for clinicians.

Do you want another workshop at your event?  All our courses can be given in Workshop form.  Check out our courses here 

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