We Need To Rest More

The Story:  1 Kings 18-19 

Elijah has a showdown with King Ahab and the people of Israel.  It’s time to make a choice:  follow God or follow Baal.  The prophets of Baal prayed to their god, and after hours of shouting, dancing, and grotesque self-mutilation, nothing happened.  Then Elijah stepped in.  God answered his prayer and showed up.  As a result, the people of Israel killed the prophets of Baal, and Jezebel, the wife of King Ahab, became enraged and put a price on Elijah’s head.  Elijah ran for his life, left his servants, and prayed that God would end his life.  God’s antidote:  Sleep


There is a plethora of literature that explains the benefits of sleep and rest.  Sleep balances hormones, resets your autonomic nervous system, and helps your brain and body recover from stress.  God knew what he was doing when He initiated the Sabbath – a day of rest.  Rest is a gift.  Taking a day off from work and resting by focusing on your Creator is your way of telling God He’s in control.  It’s the ultimate practice of trust.

It’s easy to talk ourselves out of taking a day off, especially if you’re a caregiver.  But are you that arrogant to think that life will fall apart without your input?  Yes, people need you and depend on you.  But you will be less productive and effective if you don’t take time off.  Refusing to rest is telling God that you don’t trust Him.

At the heart of contentment is learning to trust God, especially with our work.  Limit burnout and take a step toward contentment by trusting God with one day of rest. 

Contentment Key:  Taking a Sabbath is telling God, “I trust You.”

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